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We Love Japan!

Messages of support from students and teachers around the world to the people of Japan.

March 15, 2011

We love Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on the afternoon of Friday, March 11th also sent a shockwave of grief and horror around the world.

Many have found that they want and need to express their support and solidarity with the people of Japan but aren’t sure how. We’ve set up this page so that people can express their support for those affected by this earthquake and will promote it so that as many Japanese people as possible have a chance to see these messages.

As well as sharing your messages, we encourage you to donate to the Save the Children Japan Fund and other related charities in their efforts to provide relief to the victims of this disaster.

When you comment, please let us know where you are from.



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We are a group of Portuguese students and we have been following the tragic news of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. Please don't lose your faith and hope in the future. We are thinking of you right now and hoping that things will get better. Be strong!

Sending our support from Portugal.

J5 class

From Braga, Portugal

My prayers are with you all - especially the children who should never know what suffering means.Bless you all.

From Italy

The news and pictures from Japan where I have many in-laws, friends, former students and colleagues, breaks my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you, especially those of you who have lost loved ones. I do know that neighborhoods, villages, and towns that were swept away will rise again.

From Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

our hearts are with you Japanese people.we extend our deepest sympathy for the tragic moments you live.we also admire you for your attitude.

From Thessaloniki,Greece

Dear People of Japan,
It is not easy to be the land of 'The Risinig Sun'.You give the sun to the rest of the world.It is ,sometimes,difficult to carry it on your shoulders.We cry with you, but we need you to be strong,because your strength is our strength.Life is going on.Nothing could prove this more than a smile through tears...

From Istanbul

My heart and prayers go out to the Japanese people at this terrible time. Deepest condolences to everyone who has lost so much. The calm dignity you have displayed at such a difficult time is an inspiration to us all. I know that the Japanese people have the courage and strength to overcome this tragedy. You are not alone.

Best Wishes
Pat (Toronto, Canada)

From Toronto, Canada

I hope you are healthy and safe. I hope you get help for your homes. I'm sad that this happened to you and you have alot of people praying for you. I'm going to include you in my night prayers.

From, Ian

From New York

Dear Japanese people,

I am at a loss for words to express how sorry my family and I are for your present situation. Our hearts and thoughts are with you.
We admire you for your calmness during these hard times. You are amazing. You shall and will overcome.
Franck Henry

From France

No matter what happened, never ever give up. Once you live there is always hope. We support you and we also need you as you used to do for us around the world. LOVEs from Taiwan.

From Taiwan

March 17 is a day of celebration for Irish people everywhere. In Japan we celebrate the holiday together with the many thousands of Japanese who also love Ireland. But on this day we are focused on helping and supporting you, our Japanese neighbours, friends, and family members.

From Nagoya

Hello everyone,

we all are with you. We saw videos and pictures of what happened and we want to support you in any way possible! Keep your head high, you can do it!

Greetings from a German currently on student exchange in UK!

From Bolton, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

My thoughts are with the people of Japan right now. I have several dear friends who live and work there (or who have lived and worked there) and my heart is with them now.

Since living and working in Korea, I have had the chance to visit Japan. I was (and still am) impressed with the country's beauty, but most importantly, its hospitable and compassionate people. I remember the people there helping me out when I was lost and unsure where to go. In particular, what I still remember is how welcoming everyone was to me and how they made me feel at home.

Seeing the pictures and watching the news on TV is breaking my heart, but I want the people of Japan to know that we are all thinking about them at this time. I have already donated money to some relief organizations and I hope Japan will recover from this soon.

Stay strong Japan! We love you!

All the best,

From South Korea

My thoughts are with all of the people in Japan, including so many of the students I have taught over the years and all 859 of our Japanese members on MyEC. I wish I could have you all over for a hot cup of tea. Please know you are loved. We are hanging on for good news. Big hug.

From Canada

I really admired Japanese's strong spirit.I always pray for you everyday.I love Japan so much

Sending warm wishes and sympathy to all of you in Japan who are suffering as a result of this terrible disaster.

From UK

We admire your courage in these horrendous days and we will do our best to help you.

From Paris, France

My prayers are with my Japanese brothers and all those who are suffering from what happened in Japan. also pray that God illumine with his intelligence to the 50 people who are trying to prevent nuclear catastrophe

From Mexico

from on friday of last week to date, i have been watching out the situation of the northeastern japan. from my bottom of heart i wish japanese and government will overcome this adversity soon.
the spirits of japanese 's solidarity, discipline and community awareness are great and be worth to our worlth to learn. i trust in japan and i believe in japanese indeed.

From hanoi

My heart and my soul is with you.Sending you hope, strenght and love!


Japan is like my second home. Ever since I lived there as a kid and then returned many years later I've always had a strong affinity for anything Japanese. My thoughts are with you all through this very difficult and trying period, I pray for a quick resolution to the current nightmare. God bless

From Zambia

God bless Japan. I'm praying for all affected people and animals. I hope our comments can give you hope and strenght to overcome these hard times. People all over the world are feeling with you.

From Germany

Ich bin bereit, bis zu zwei japanische Opfer dieser furchtbaren Katastrophe bei mir in Deutschland auf zu nehmen und zu versorgen. Solange dies nötig ist.

I really admire your strength in managing this whole situation and I sincerely hope Japan and Japanese people can rise again.. You really are one of the most beautiful countries in the world!


We are all with you!


From Milano

Our hearts and souls are with you. We believe in you.


You aren't alone.

From Czech Republic

In your darkest hour, you remain a Light!

Thank you

From Luxembourg

My heart aches as I watch the news about the situation in Japan. May your suffering be lifted in the days to come. Do not let go of hope which will sustain you.

From Edmond, Oklahoma

We share your grief and pray for Japan all the time. We are with you!May all good wishes and blessing go to you and protect you!

From Kaohsiung

6 of my Japanese students return to Japan tomorrow. They want to go home to help their people and volunteer in the massive clean up. Their resolve is great. I hope they go well and know that the students and staff at our school support them very much.
It has been hard to comprehend the enormity of the emergency. Our thoughts and hearts are with you.

From Australia

Our thoughts and our prayers are with all of the japanese people.Even if it is a very distressy time ,we believe Japan people shall overcome it as usual.We love Japan.
Please keep your spirit high.Ganbare!
Miss Caki and her students from Kızılköy,Tokat

From Turkey

I wish Japan all the best from the bottom of my heart !

From Wiesbaden

Hello Japan,

i pray for you! God bless you all. Sending you love and hope.

It is beyond my imagination how much the people of Japan have to suffer in these terrifying days.

I pray for you. I pray for your future. God bless you.

My heart is there every day..because me,my family,my kid and my students can live in peace,can eat,can sleep ,can breath pure air here,and in Japan ..the children cant smile.I pray for you..and i wish i could delete all whats up with all japanese people.God bless Japan!!!

From Romania

Sorry but my english is not very good

My wish for the Japanese people, it still retains the power and confidence to master these terrible events.
The whole world takes an interest and we will all help last!

From Germany

In times of trouble our earth seems that small. my dear people, neighbours, friends from japan i send you all my love, hope and power. you will fight all these disasters and you will win, because we all stand beside you.

my best wishes grom hannover (germany)

From Germany

Dear Japan,
I am only 11 years old. My science class is starting to learn about Earthquakes. I have never been in one (And I hope to never be in one!), so I'm not really sure how bad it really is. But I know one thing... Do not EVER loose hope or faith in the others around you. If you don't good things will come for you. I am trying my best to do what I can! I can't do a lot because I'm only 11, but I'm trying my best. So many people over here in the U.S. are praying for you guys! I am one of them. The one thing that I ask of you guys is to just keep faith that good things will come. I know they will!
With love,

From United States

please stay strong! everybody around the world is with you in spirit!

ich fühle mit den so schwer getroffenen menschen in japan, bange mit ihnen, bete für sie, obwohl ich sonst ja eher wenig bete:
"mögest du, schöpfer den leidenden kraft spenden. bitte herr, hilf!" so ungefähr bitte ich und zweifle, dass es etwas nützen könnte. aber ich tu es trotzdem. denn was kann man sonst nur tun...
I pray vor japan peole!
Good luck from austria!

I believe the world should do all it can to help out Japan, our fellow beautiful country. Why would we leave them behind? Think of if YOUR country was in the same problem? What would you want people to do for you? Please, support Japan! Love Japan! Help Japan! Whatever you can to provide for these lovely people.
Much love and peace to you all >.~

I send you Japan, my love, prayers and donations. The world is united and stands besides you to support you in any way you require, so don't give up. You will come out of this.

- Linus (former ALT in Japan)

From Montreal, Canada

No words can explain how deeply moved we were to see the tragedy unfolding on the TV screen. We wanted to say a lot to Japanese people to say that we are with them.We wanted to rush and help them. But, we were watching helplessly. We are a poor country .I am grateful to my president for sending as much as he can to Japan. We are really sorry . And we are with you whatever happens.

From Srilanka

I send you all my good wishes!

From Germany

I lived for three years in Japan and was warmly welcomed by Japanese friends and colleagues. My memories of Japan are unforgetable. The news of the earthquake and the tsunami is very, very sad. Modern media allows us to follow events very closely, which only adds to our horror.

Nothing will repair the enormous loss of life. However, the spirit of the Japanese people is great and there is no country in the world most capable of recovering from such a disaster.

We are thinking of you at this terrible moment.

Robert Tarrega

My thoughts are with all of you!

Many greetings,

From Germany

i was so shocked .my thoughts are with you.

From tunisia

i was so thouhgts are with are great people.

From tunisia


From iran

Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow nor to help to ease the loss you bear, just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer and I hope u get over it soon.
Love and prayer all the way from Egypt.

From Cairo

Be strong, don't lose your faith, we wish you good luck!

We wish your economy doesn't go down to help you in this terrible phase.

We send you a hug from Portugal.

From a group of Portuguese students.

From Braga

When I saw those scary news about that catastrophe first, I had to cry.

Japan and the Japanese people are one of the things I do truly love.

I really really wish you a happy end for this nightmare !

All over the world the people want to help you! :)

Keep going on,
Germany thinks about you every second! ^_^

Many hearts and hugs! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥! ☺ ☻

Love ♥ ,

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