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We Love Japan!

Messages of support from students and teachers around the world to the people of Japan.

March 15, 2011

We love Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on the afternoon of Friday, March 11th also sent a shockwave of grief and horror around the world.

Many have found that they want and need to express their support and solidarity with the people of Japan but aren’t sure how. We’ve set up this page so that people can express their support for those affected by this earthquake and will promote it so that as many Japanese people as possible have a chance to see these messages.

As well as sharing your messages, we encourage you to donate to the Save the Children Japan Fund and other related charities in their efforts to provide relief to the victims of this disaster.

When you comment, please let us know where you are from.



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Thanks to Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto for suggesting this page. As mentioned above we will be promoting this page to our website for Japanese English teachers and our website for Japanese students of English and through a number of other media to let people in Japan know that students and teachers around the world are thinking of them.

Please spread the word.

Russell, Tokyo, Japan (British)

However sad and frightening this all is I just know that the Japanese people will continue to manage the situation with dignity, heroism, calm and kindness. Sent with so much love from Ireland. Know that the world is with you.

God bless Japan and her people, which I admire too much to ever describe.
Praying for you all.
I love Japan.

I'm really sorry about what happened in Japan but I'm sure the Japanese have the necessary strength to overcome this terrible tragedy. The whole world is supporting you.
Thanks to Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto for sharing this site with colleagues from different countries.
Love from Argentina,

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Be strong!

“From caring comes courage”

Everyone, at least once has experience the bitter taste of such terrible disaster. We know how much it’s hard, sad and frightening. But, being brave and standing strongly through every hard storm is what we have always learnt from you .
Living so far from you, I like you know that you are not alone ,our heart is beating for you .we all pray for you from bottom of our hearts …
Be always green
( Mohammad Reza
from Iran)

the whole world is watching with concern and compassion, and doing what we can to help. Love to you.


My thoughts and prayers are for you and all the people of Japan.

LOVE and HOPE are with everyone in Japan. You will be back stronger than ever and the world will be there to help in any way we can.

Thanks Barbara for giving us the opportunity to show our feelings about the terrible happenings in Japan. My heart goes out to you all at this time and I can only hope that you will grow stronger because of this.
My prayers and best wishes
Sue (Jersey.C.I.)

We are thinking of all those folks in Japan and elsewhere who have been affected by this tragedy. May you find the strength and courage from knowing that there are so many who are praying for you and the recovery of your world.

I am incredibly humbled and inspired watching your nation endure this devastation with such honor and compassion for one another. A teachable moment for the world. You have been and will remain in my prayers. May hope, comfort, strength and courage be yours.
Laurie Bigham
Oregon, USA

日本の皆さん、頑張ってください Japan,cheer up, 加油!!!You are not alone!!!

Liting from Argentina/Taiwan

My thoughts are with the families in the Tōhoku area and everyone with relatives up there.
Let's work on having Japan recover soon.

From Tōkyō

My heart goes out to all those who have suffered in this earthquake. The calm and dignity of the Japanese people in this difficult time is an inspiration to us all.

From Tokyo

Our thoughts are with you every day. We admire you for your strength and courage and we hope that everything goes well for you from now on.

From Switzerland

You have been in our thoughs constantly this week. As bad as things seem now and as impossible as this sounds, Japan will smile again.

From Ireland

Dear Japan,
Hope you will be fine as soon as it possible, the whole world is supporting you. We are praying for you, God bless you all!

From Budapest, Hungary


From Budapest Hungary

I am both deeply saddened by the terrible events in Japan and impressed by the resilience the Japanese people are showing in the face of the tragedy. Japan is showing its best face to the world and the people's courage is shining through.

From Scotland

It's hard to find words to express the sympathy, worry and love the whole world feels for the Japanese people at this moment. We are flabbergasted after the events, and hope this great nation will overcome this unimaginable tragedy.

From Budapest, Hungary

having just gone through the horrors of two earthquakes here i can understand a little of what japan is going through. I would just like to express my sympathy and hope that the beautiful people of japan recover quickly from this terrible disaster.

From Christchurch

I and my students here in South Korea send their prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery in Japan. We will be contributing to the Red Crosses disaster relief to help you in this time of need. You're in our thoughts always.

From South Korea

Dear people of Japan who have been affected and continue to be affected by this disaster.


宮崎県のエイミー ♡

From Miyazaki prefecture, Japan

I pray for those who have lost loved ones and that as many as possible will be found. I respect the calm and dignity with which people are reacting and interacting, helping each other and sharing whatever is available to be shared, water, food, comforting words. That there is no looting speaks for the self-respect and strength of Japanese Bushido tradition and culture of ages. And special admiration goes to the "heroes" who are struggling and risking their lives to better the nuclear reactors situation; they have families, too, who share their danger and worries and are bravely supporting them when I am sure they would rather have them home. I cannot help but remember my mother saying that what does not destroy us makes us stronger. Such is the situation in these tragic days. Our warm thoughts and profound respect are with Japan and our Japanese friends, families, and colleagues.

From Hokkaido

Thinking of you,

From Healesville, Australia

I lived in Tokyo 20 years, very happy years because of the wonderful Japanese people and their kindness. I am coming back soon to visit and be there.

From New Zealand

I'm thinking of you all at this terrible time. Sending you strength, hope and prayers.

From Switzerland

Thinking of you, may the dark clouds soon lift and once again may you see the sun rise

From Poland

Croatia is with You Japan! God bless You all! Hope the things will settle down soon in the best way possible.:)

Prayers and Best Wishes from Croatia!


P.S. Thanks to my great Friend Michael Huang from Sendai. He suggested this page. Take care Mike, be well, You, Your Family and whole Japan!!!

From Croatia

My family-in-law are Japanese so naturally my heart aches when watching this biblical disaster... My thoughts are with those missing as well as to their families, and to those who have to be relocated either due to the earthquake and tsunami or the threat of a radioactive effect. May the Japanese people continue to be strong to reconstruct what has been devastated. I am sure the memories of this disaster will haunt this generation as well as the ones to follow. However, what we all see is that Japanese are good in looking ahead. Life goes on and along we go as well.

All the best of luck to you all!

From Cyprus

A moment of love for those who lost everything. My heart and soul go out to all the people who unfortunately had to experience the revenge of nature....and not only that.
Watching the videos made me think that life is small and we only think of ourselves...However, there are others out there.

Of course life will go on..but disaster does remain in the heart and mind. But do take care and have will power. May god be with you...

From Greece

Your spirit lifts us.
Our hearts are moved by your will.
Light the Now for all.

From Rocky Hill, CT USA

Though, Japan is passing through a great crisis, Japanese will surely be able to come out of it successfully. However, my heartfelt sympathy goes to people who suffered heavily. May God give them strength and wisdom to bear the great(est) loss.

From Salalah, Sultanate of Oman

For teachers and students in the devastated areas, I am praying for you. You are not alone, all the people in Japan are with you. It must be the hardest moment to all of you, but there is no nights without the sun rising. Please endure for a little more while. Tomorrow surely comes. 頑張って。

From Tokyo

It is hard to know what to write, but I know that people around the world are sending love, prayers and aid to the wonderful people of Japan.

Japan is an amazing country and will come out of this terrible tragedy with grace. God bless Japan.

-Jeff Dionne

From Tokyo

Dear People of Japan,

We admire your loyalty, your understanding and the calmness that you have had in the face of adversity. Just know that you are not alone and don't be afraid.

Best wishes,

Ms. Wall's Civ 6-1 class (6th Grade girls)

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I admire your strength at this strenuous time.

From miami, florida

Dear People living in Japan!

Your country is so small compared to many others. But you are so brave and wise facing these disasters! We send you all our prayers and hopes for the Nature calms down soon. We wish you to be strong going through all of the sorrows! Our hearts are with you!


From Yaroslavl (Russia)

For the next three days from tonight, I'm fasting 断食 and praying without food and water for Japan, for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem, and my future steps to do Yahweh God of Israel's will. I will write and call all my friends too to see if they want to join me. If you can fast and pray, please join me. We prayed once already with my friends, students from Hong Kong, Japan, USA and Korea on Skype. and maybe even pray on Skype together again.

Truly your in yeshua Ha'Mashiach,
Fidel フィデル 啓栄 계영

From Okinawa, Japan

My heart and my soul is with you.Sending you hope, strenght and love.

From Avilés

I hope that through this difficult time, those affected by the recent tragedies in Japan find comfort in knowing that we are thinking of them and wishing them the best. Words may not be able to change what has happened but I hope that they at least give hope and strength to those in adversity.

Much love.

From China

To the people of Japan

I know that no words can lessen the pain, lost and shock of what has happen. But know you are NOT alone and help IS here. Keep you chin up and know that a warm embrace encircles you as you make you way through this tragedy. Stay strong!

With my prayers and support......

A fellow teacher
Barbara(Frankfurt/Main Germany)

My students and I share your grief... You are not alone... Our hearts go out to you at this hard time...

From Greece

Hang in there Japan! My full & absolute support
go to You!

From Norway

Dear teachers and children,
We can feel the pain you are going through!We cannot see you,talk to you or visit you. Only we can see the disaster through the pictures. We are all helping through our Organisation Rotary International . We have a disaster relief fund and the Rotary is in to it. Our condolenses for the families who have lost their kith and kin and support to all of you who are lucky to survive and feeling the pain of the disaster. God bless all of yu!All our collection sent to Rotary .

From Hyderabad,India

My thoughts are with you. Be strong. My support is behind you all.

From Castro Valley, California

It was a great shock to learn about the terrible devastation in Japan. As I go to work every morning I keep thinking of the thousands who are gone, never perhaps to be found. But I also cherish the hope that the Japanese have the inner strength and resilience to fight back death and disaster. The will to overcome, the strategic planning and resourcefulness they have will aid them in overcoming all calamities. We in India are with you--every step of the way!

From Calcutta, India

Dear Japan!
My thoughts are with you.I want to send you a warm embrace.

From Madrid

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