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August 15, 2011

Phonics / Reading Board Games

Hello again,
I hope you are all having a good summer and that the weather is not proving too hot for you :)

I have just a very quick post today about some phonics board games that we have put up on our website for free download for teachers / parents who may be interested. If they seem like something you'd like to use with your students, you can download them here.

Drilling phonics can be a real drag for both students and teachers alike. However, phonics recognition really is a fundamental building block on the path to children developing their initial reading and decoding skills. Because of this, at our school we are constantly putting our heads together to come up with different, fun and interesting ways for the kids to practice / drill their phonics.

We have recently put together a set of phonics / reading board games to help our students do just that. There are 4 different game boards. These contain the phonics targets:

1. Consonants / Vowels

2. ee (tree), ea (seal), ch (chicken), sh (ship)

3. oy (boy), or (horse), ir (girl), ow (cow)

4. ai (tail), ay (tray), oa (boat), ow (window)

The following is a video to give a quick run down on how we use the boards at our school. Obviously these kinds of games can be used in many different ways, but this should get you started.

For those of you worried about the length of the games, I find using 2, or even 3 dice for the games (depending on the level of the students) helps to get through the games a little quicker and additionally helps the kids a little more with their numbers.

Again, for those of you interested, the board games are available here.

I hope these can be of some help to you and your students.
Have fun reading!

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Nice post! Keep up the sweet work!

Awesome phonics games and classroom posters!!! Thanks heaps!!!

Thanks for the comment Stephen. Happy to hear they are working for you :)

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