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Get Neuro-Psyched! - Authors Profile

Connecting the science of the brain, psychology, and health with EFL

Author's Profile

Robert S. Murphy is a doctoral student in Cognitive Development and Applied Linguistics with over 18 years of teaching experience in Japan. He is a bilingual university instructor and the principal of Murphy School of Education. He has an MA in TEFL/TESL from the University of Birmingham. In recent years he has been working closely with professors, staff and graduates of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and their online WIDE World program, with the goal of connecting their most recent research in neuroscience, psychology, health and education to TEFL in the Japanese context.

He is a regular presenter at national and local JALT and ETJ conferences. His presentations are noted for being interdisciplinary and scientific. He is the author of the OPTIMAL LEVELS series from Deeper Understanding Books. Robert is the coordinator and founding member of ETJ Kitakyushu and officer of JALT Kitakyushu. He can be reached at m [ at ] murphyschool [ dot ] com.

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