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Turning a blind eye to reality

Author's Profile

David founded David English House in an apartment in Hiroshima in 1982 and built it up to become one of the most respected schools in East Asia. He is the founder of ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) and spends much of his time supporting ETJ, training teachers, taking care of his dogs, and following Manchester United.

In the past he has spent a lot of time in other Asian countries training teachers and helping both private schools and ministries of education to introduce more student-centered programs. He has also been a guest speaker at many conferences throughout the region. However, these days, when he is not teaching, he focuses almost entirely on developing support for teachers at a grass-roots level in Japan through ETJ and the newly-formed Language Teaching Professionals.

His books include:

· New Finding Out (Macmillan)
· Communicate (Macmillan, out of print until April 2011)
· Communication Strategies (Cengage)
· Songs and Games for Children (Macmillan)
· Teaching English to Children in Asia (Longman, this has been translated into Japanese, Korean and Chinese.)

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