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Professional Development

Originated by Birmingham MA TEFL/TESL students

February 10, 2009

KYOTO JALT MASH '09 on Feb. 22nd

We had a lot of interest in our MASH events last year from BHAM Alumni, so we want you all to know about this upcoming day of professional development through collaboration open to anyone interested.


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HI everybody,
Thanks to the organizers, participants and volunteers at JALT Kyoto/MASH 09. There was great energy in the room all day. After tons of networking and discussion about some great teaching ideas, I really appreciated the opportunity to present and get valuable feedback about my presentation's organization, content and delivery. I enjoyed the variety of the poster sessions and presentations as well. It was an interesting mix: some aimed at young learners, some at junior high school, some at university, some CALL. And it was great to have some discussion with teachers/researchers who share my current interest in learning strategies. Thanks again for a great time, everybody! Well done and looking forward to the next one.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to say thanks to everyone for coming to the JALT/MASH event. It was an enjoyable day, and interesting to hear lots of different perspectives. Collaboration is something that I need to do more of. I think for teachers in general it can only be a good thing! I'm looking forward to the next event!


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for those who took a day away from the TV, families and friends to spend time sharing with like-minded professionals. I enjoyed the day thoroughly and was able to get some invaluable feedback and experience as well as a lot of interesting discussions. Thank you to the organisers too. I look forward to the next event. Iain

Don't know what I can add that hasn't already been said, but I thank everyone at Kyoto MASH for a well-organized, informative and fun day. I had a great time giving my presentation and the feedback was very constructive.

Jean-Paul DuQuette

Dear All,
MASH 09 gave me a rare chance to practice with input from colleagues beforehand and at the event. I got a lot of useful comments and practical experience – a good use of my vacation time! Well organized and all around a good idea all around.

Dear all,
Michi and Steve in particular, thanks for making yet another MASH event a success. Thank you for even widening the threads further with a joint MASH-JALT show. Thank you everyone for listening in and enthusiastically asking the questions and contributing ideas to our posters and slides. Long live MASH.

I’d like to thank Michi for encouraging me all the way through, Steve for giving me helpful information via email, and fellow presenters and organizers for their support during our practice session. I’d also like to thank everyone who stopped and shared ideas during my poster session. JALT MASH ‘09 was a friendly event for a new comer like me, yet a professional one for everybody who was seeking better teaching ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to MASH again!

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