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May 15, 2004

A Teacher is a Gardener

flower.jpg I believe a classroom is a garden, the students are seedlings and the teacher is the gardener. Each time the students enter the garden, it is the responsibility of the teacher to orchestrate interesting activities, filled with nourishment and challenges, which will enable the students to grow strong and tall into their natural splendor.

The gardener cannot control their growth. Yet one thing is for sure. If the seeds are not planted, nothing will grow at all.

The teacher should be patient with the seedlings, because no matter how much water or how much sunshine they receive, they are all individuals, and, as a result, they will all grow at their own rate, in their own way, during their own time; no two are the same.

Some students will blossom early and some will blossom late. Some will require extra attention and some will need additional encouragement. Some will grow with a wild will of their own, as if trying to contain them would be as fruitless as trying to lock wind in a room. And once in a while, sadly, there will be one who refuses to grow at all.

The gardener cannot control their growth. Yet one thing is for sure. If the seeds are not planted, nothing will grow at all.

I, as a teacher, am only as good as the flowers which grow in my garden.

Over the years, thousands upon thousands of children and parents have put their trust and faith in my care; this is a responsibility I have not taken lightly. It is one I have cherished and treasured. Such trust has given me a great sense of warmth and worth.

Once in a while students return; I always marvel at who they have become and how they have evolved. I cannot stop myself from taking a moment to gaze at them as they stand before me in all their regal splendor. I want to say, "Look at you! There is only one of you, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of your life when you were a seedling." This is always so overwhelming for me.

What a noble profession this is; what a fortunate human being I am. What could be better than this?

Now after thousands of students, thousands of lessons, thousands of challenges, I take great pride in my ever-expanding garden whose flowers are scattered all over the world.

I am a teacher; I am a gardener, and that has made all the difference.

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