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Japan, India, Online English Writing - Authors Profile

Anecdotes and experiences of a language services entrepreneur from India

Author's Profile

While working in Japan as a strategy consultant for AIESEC in 2001, Abhishek Goel saw the need for high-quality English language services to help the Japanese communicate effectively with the world. He was especially intrigued by academic editing because of the demand for this service and its objective nature.

In 2002, he co-founded Cactus with its first business unit: Editage, an editing service for researchers. While leading business development and strategy for Editage, he played a key role in establishing two more fast-growing business units: Cripton (business transcription) in 2004 and i-osmosis (English education) in 2005. In his current role, he manages the Japan office and guides the strategy for the three business units to help Cactus move towards its Vision 2012.

Abhishek received a bachelor of commerce degree from the University of Mumbai but believes that most of his learning came through his involvement with the Mumbai and Japan chapters of the international student organization AIESEC.



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