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ELT Game Corner - Authors Profile

Author's Profile

Helene Jarmol Uchida is a veteran teacher with curriculum development and teacher-training experience in the U.S., Greece and Japan. She is the director of the Fukuoka-based Little America English Schools and lectures at Seinan University, Fukuoka Women’s University and Chikushi Women’s University. Uchida holds TEMI (Teaching English Methods Institute) Seminars four times a year in Fukuoka.

She is the author of “The Challenge Book” series, an interactive English book and CD set especially created for Japanese learners all the way from preschool to adult students and RIC’s “My High School Writing Journal” and “My University Writing Journal”. Uchida has been writing the newspaper column “Primary Advice” for The Japan News (formerly The Daily Yomiuri) for the past 11 years.

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