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ELT Game Corner

Welcome to my Game Corner. Here I introduce a game for you to use in your classes to help make English come alive.

January 17, 2014

Celebrity Quiz

Celebrity QuizCelebrity Quiz is a fun game for junior high students to adults. It can be played with just one student or with big groups. The game consists of 100 Celebrity Quiz cards (50 of which are famous non-Japanese and 50 are famous Japanese) and a Celebrity Quiz question sheet.

There are no teams in this game; the teacher asks one student to be the scorekeeper, whose responsibility is to record the number of guesses on a blackboard. All students receive a copy of the Celebrity Quiz question sheet, which consists of questions, such as: Is it a man/woman? Is he/she Japanese/American/British/Korean? Is he/she a movie star/singer/baseball player/writer? The teacher can say the questions with the students repeating as a warm-up and as pronunciation practice. After the warm-up, the game begins.

The teacher puts all the Celebrity Quiz cards in a box. One student comes up and selects the card (celebrity) he wants to work with. The student then writes the initials of the celebrity on the blackboard with the first name first. (For example, Johnny Depp would be J.D. and Ken Watanabe would be K.W.) The student then says, “Who is it?” The group then fires off questions from their copies of the Celebrity Quiz question sheets. As the students ask questions, the student at the blackboard can only say YES or NO. As the questions are asked, the scorekeeper keeps track of how many questions are being asked. The group can keep asking questions until the scorekeeper announces that they are at twenty questions, which means they have to give up. If and when a student correctly guesses who the celebrity is, then he/she goes up to the front of the room and picks another celebrity card from the box, and the game begins again.

Celebrity Quiz is a great way for English students to shout out easy questions in English and get an immediate response. In addition, everyone is listening to the questions and responses and thinking of their own questions.

Playing this game for 5-10 minutes is a delightful way to end a class.

Recommended level: Junior High to Adults

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