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ELT Game Corner

Welcome to my Game Corner. Here I introduce a game for you to use in your classes to help make English come alive.

October 24, 2013

Flip-to-Win Hangman


This Flip-to-Win Hangman is a NEW take on an old favorite. Now students can huddle around together & interact while playing this fun version of Hangman. With this novel approach, students can flip over the letters when they ask (“Is there a B?”). And they can flip over the body parts each time they do not guess a correct letter.

The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes written with magic marker (included) at the bottom of the Hangman board. The teacher should write the dashes for the first word. The students, one by one, try to guess various letters to spell out the word by asking, “Is there a(n)……….?" When a player guesses a correct letter, the teacher says, “Yes, there is a(n) ……” and points to the dash where the letter belongs. Then that student writes in the letter and flips over the letter asked.

If a player guesses a letter that is not in the word, then the teacher says, “No, there is not a(n) ………” and the player (who asked) flips over one of the body parts, starting from the feet at the bottom.

Suspense and excitement build when the players are almost at the top and the man may be “hanged”. The first student to guess the word wins. This entitles him or her to write the dashes for the next word, which the group has to try to guess.

Variations are welcome depending on the English level of the players. For example, if the group is stumped and cannot guess the word, the teacher can give hints, such as a definition of the word or “The missing letter is a consonant.”

In the English language, the twelve most commonly occurring letters are, in descending order: e-t-a-o-i-n-s-h-r-d-l-u. Another common strategy is to guess vowels first, as English only has five vowels (a, e, i, o and u), and almost every word has at least one.

The game includes a sturdy board with a magic marker & eraser to write the secret word at the bottom. FUN for all.

Age: ES-Adults

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