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ELT Game Corner

Welcome to my Game Corner. Here I introduce a game for you to use in your classes to help make English come alive.

July 31, 2013

Speak and Play


Speak and Play is an ideal game to teach and review English verbs in the present, past and future tenses. It can be played with 2-6 players. During game play, the students practice making sentences with 24 different verbs.

In round one, players have to make sentences in the present continuous tense using the targeted verb. In the second round, they make sentences using the future tense, and in the third and final round, they make simple past tense sentences.

The 24 basic verbs used in this game are as follows:

  1. buy
  2. cook
  3. dance
  4. drink
  5. eat
  6. exercise
  7. finish
  8. go
  9. play
  10. read
  11. ride
  12. run
  13. sing
  14. sleep
  15. speak
  16. start
  17. study
  18. walk
  19. wake up
  20. wash
  21. watch
  22. wear
  23. work
  24. write

How it Works

  • All players start at HOME. Each time they pass HOME, they receive 5 points.
  • When a player lands on a VERB SPACE, he makes a sentence in the appropriate tense using that verb.
  • If he/she lands on MISS A TURN, the player misses a turn.
  • Landing on EXTRA POINTS enables the player to throw the dice and earn twice the dice total.
  • Landing on ROLL AND GO BACK means the player throws the dice and goes back the total of the dice.
  • When a player lands on a RED/ASK A QUESTION space, the player picks up a red card and asks another player the designated question. This entitles the player to earn bonus points from the Spinner.
  • When a player lands on a GREEN /NAME 3 space, the player has to name three things in the designated category, for example: Name three days of the week, three colors, three vegetables. This entitles the player to earn bonus points from the Spinner.

Everyone playing this game is a winner because the players get to make simple verb sentences, but the player with the most points wins.


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