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ELT Game Corner

Welcome to my Game Corner. Here I introduce a game for you to use in your classes to help make English come alive.

July 01, 2005

World Kids Flash Cards

world_kids.jpg World Kids Flash Cards are an ideal way to teach English students about the correct English nomenclature for countries, nationalities and languages. Naming the three categories and differentiating between them has always been a major problem for children and even adult EFL learners. The cards can be used for all levels, from elementary school and junior high to high school, university and adults.

There are 24 colorfully illustrated cards in total. Every letter of the alphabet is represented except for X and W (since there are no countries beginning with those letters). One capital and one small letter are on the front of each card, along with the name of the country beginning with that letter and a delightful illustration of a character or a couple from that country. All the illustrations have been done by Tim Ernst, Japan's number one foreign illustrator.

The back of the cards are really student-friendly, because they list seven questions about the country along with the answers.

For the sake of simplicity, I will introduce the "Aa-Australia" card. On the front is an illustration of a man in a cowboy hat holding a koala bear. On the back of the card are the following questions/answers:

  1. What country is he from?
    (He's from Australia.)
  2. What nationality is he?
    (He's Australian,)
  3. What do Australians speak?
    (Australians speak English.)
  4. What is the capital of Australia?
    (The capital of Australia is Canberra.)
  5. What currency do Australians use?
    (Australians use dollars.)
  6. Have you ever been to Australia?
  7. Do you know where Australia is?

The bottom portion of the back of the card has a world map with Australia in red so the students can easily understand where it is.

How to play the game:

Method #1
Divide the class into two or four teams depending on group size. One student is the scorekeeper, and the teacher is the quiz master who shows the picture side of the flash card to the groups and asks the questions from the back of the card. The first team to answer correctly scores one point (per question). The first to reach 25 points wins!

Method #2
Divide the class into pairs. Give each student one card. One student asks his/her partner all the questions on the cards. The other student answers. The student asking the question KNOWS all the answers because they are listed on the back of the card. Then the other student does the same thing with his/her card. Then have all the pairs of students pass their cards forward to the the next pair and repeat the procedure.

Elementary school students can practice and master the first two questions and answers. Junior high and high school can work with the first four. High school, university and adults can ask and answer all the questions on the cards.

These cards help students master the English names of countries, nationalities and languages in an interactive, experiential, meaningful way.



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