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ELT Game Corner

Welcome to my Game Corner. Here I introduce a game for you to use in your classes to help make English come alive.

January 01, 2005

Alphabet Bingo

alphabet_bingo.jpg Recommended age level: preschool to elementary school Players: up to 36

1 Teacher ABC Answer Key
36 Bingo Mats
Letters Cards
Bingo Chips


  1. One student should pass out Bingo Mats to all players.
  2. Several students should pass out 10 Bingo Chips to all players.
  3. The teacher sets up the ABC Answer Key on a desk or table. The set of ABC Letter Cards is stacked next to the ABC Answer Key.

1. The teacher selects one ABC Letter and says it out loud three times. If a student has that letter on his/her Bingo Mat, the student says the letter out loud and places a Bingo Chip over the letter. If the student does not have the letter on his/her Bingo Mat, then the student remains quiet. (Students should NOT shout out "no", because the teacher is listening for the students who have the letter and say the letter.) If the teacher hears a student or some students say the correct letter, then the teacher places that letter over the same letter and selects another card and continues in the same pattern.

2. When a student is waiting for just one more letter to get Bingo, the student should shout out REACH. This is a signal to other students and the teacher that the student is waiting for one final letter to win. Several students can be at REACH at the same time. This creates excitement and also energizes the students to shout out BINGO! very quickly and loudly when they get the final letter they need. If two or three students shout out BINGO!, only ONE can win. So it has to be the student who is fastest and loudest to get the attention of the teacher!

3. The student who won should now read off the four winning letters from his/her Bingo Mat. If they are correct, then that student can now become the teacher for the next game.

4. All students switch their Bingo Mats with students sitting close by. The winning student is now the teacher and sits where the teacher was sitting. That student selects an ABC letter card and says it out loud three times. The game continues in the same way. The real teacher can now walk about the room and help students play, make comments when they students are at REACH and encourage students to shout out quickly and loudly when they get BINGO!

Educational note*
Alphabet Bingo not only helps beginning students learn their ABC's from a visual and aural viewpoint but also encourages children to speak out in a fun and fast-paced way.



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