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September 23, 2009

Rainbow Colors

Just when I thought I had taken care of likes and dislikes, I reach unit 4 of New Finding Out 2 and find that I must now combine 'I like/I don't like...' with colours and plurals. I had this brief inspiration and wrote some notes on a scrap bit of paper and then yesterday I began developing this game not knowing how it would end up. I worked on it for about four hours yesterday and again today, making many changes and adjustments until I was satisfied. I played the game with two classes this evening and it was great, just what I worked and hope for. Here's a picture of some of the finished cards.


It so difficult for Japanese students to grasp the idea of plurals and the idea of countable and uncountable nouns. With this game they get lots of practice with colours, simple expressions of like and dislike and a lot of repetition regarding plurals. This will certainly help them to gain a natural grasp of the language instead of trying to understand everything through a grammatical sense.

Here are the "Rainbow Colors" cards, which are the equivalent of special Switchit cards or jokers.


Individual cards can be used for pairwork in large groups and writing activities, but if possible play the game in small groups. I will describe how to play in groups of 3-5. You need eight of each card, preferably with the backs printed.

Deal seven cards face down to each player, put the remainder of the cards face down in the centre and turn over the top card. If, for example, a card with a red border is turned over, then the player to the left of the dealer must place another red card on the open card and make a suitable sentence, such as "I like purple grapes.", then the next player must play another card with a red border or a "grapes" card If the player doesn't have a card with a red border or picture of grapes, then he can play a "Rainbow Colors" card and change the colour by saying "Rainbow (orange)." And play then passes to the next player on the left who must now play a card with an (orange) border. When a player cannot play a card, then he or she must pick up a card from the face down pile. The winner is the first player to get rid of all of his or her cards.

This is another brick laid in my task of producing another Blending a Hand CD in support of Finding Out and all the teachers who use it.

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The activities you suggested are most useful and I request the elt subscribers to follow for better results of their students.

David you are a genius! I love this game and it is similar to Switchit which my students already know and love. I will be interested in getting a hold of this game or will patiently wait for your new Blending Hand to come out. Please let me know when it is ready...

Thank you Corinne for your kind words.


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