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April 04, 2009

Blending a Hand: Introduction


What is Blending a Hand? Well, it's a huge collection of work which includes the digital data CDs, Switchit, Switchit Junior (the game has since been updated and expanded), Read! Spell! Do! (you can download the board for free, but you have to get the playing cards from me) , Dog Dog Dog and BAH Workbooks (these are just the front covers) plus much much more. I started work on the materials long before I ever got a computer, which was in 2001, in fact I started work on it in 1986 when I created my first phonic posters by cutting out pictures from a children's encyclopaedia and pasting them onto card for my then young children. That was before I started teaching. I would like to do a series of low key articles writing about some of these materials and how they are used. If anyone has any questions about Blending a Hand, you can always e-mail me or leave a comment; this would help me get going.

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Hi David

That sounds like some really nice materials. Can you email if you'd like to have them reviewed?


I like your Read! Spell! Do! gameboard and am interested in how to play the game. How do I get the playing cards and directions from you?

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