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November 02, 2011

Crowdsourcing Happiness

Can the power of an online network spread happiness around the globe? The Happiness Project is hoping to do just that.

Like many great ideas, the Happiness Project began as a classroom activity. Vladimira Michalkova shared the idea with Chuck Sandy, and it grew. When Chuck, Shelly Terrell and I were looking for a project to demonstrate the power of Personal Learning Networks for our upcoming JALT presentation, The Happiness Project was a perfect fit!

The idea is simple. We want teachers and students to make a “happy poster” and share it on The Happiness Project blog. You’re welcome to use a tech tool like Glogster, Muzy, Animoto, or Fotobabble (or any other tool that you enjoy). You can also simply submit a photo or drawing. The goal is to share happiness, in whatever format you feel most comfortable using. So far, we have contributions from Slovakia, The United States, Korea, Peru, China, Argentina, and Japan.


Send your finished contribution via email. The subject line in the email message will become the title of your post (“Barb’s Happiness”, for example). Attach an image of your poster or project, and a link to where it’s hosted online (if appropriate).

Hopefully, The Happiness Project will provide an easy way for students to participate in a collaborative online project, to see how far a network can reach, and to spread some happiness around the world along the way!

Chuck, Shelly and I hope that you’ll also join us in our presentation showcasing the Happiness Project at JALT . Cengage Learning ELT has generously donated one of their time slots so that we can talk about Collaborating with Educators Around the World on Saturday, November 19th from 11 to 12 in room 309. Vladimira will also be at JALT this year, sharing a pecha kucha about another of her fabulous ideas for making our classrooms happier places, “Surpr@ise” (Saturday evening, November 19th, between 5-7 pm).

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